Welcome to the Black Policy Conference!

Black in [Obama's] America: Re-Imagining Opportunity in a "Post-Racial" Era

The election of America’s first African-American president has spurred healthy debate across the nation as to whether the notion that we live in a “post-racial” era is a reality or a fallacy. Recent policy debates, high-profile cases, and incidents of injustice within the past year have challenged this “post-racial” notion, leaving some to question the extent to which the nation has either progressed towards or regressed from the the ideal of equal justice and opportunity for all.


As we embark on the milestone of celebrating our 10th year of the Black Policy Conference at Harvard Kennedy School, we hope to explore not just the challenges, but more importantly, what opportunity and identity looks like in the shadow of evolving assumptions of a “post-racial” era. We will challenge the popular perceptions of the current state of affairs and propose innovative solutions in the public policy arenas of education, health, criminal justice, and international affairs.