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Noni Session is a Cultural Anthropologist and the Executive Director of the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, which supports BIPOC and allied communities to finance, purchase, occupy and steward collectively-owned land and housing. As an Oakland native, Noni’s diverse formative, academic and professional background contributes to her unique approach to economic development. Raised by teachers and small business owners, Noni cut her academic teeth on the challenge of equitable economic development. As a Fulbright-Hays fellow she studied international humanitarian strategies for developing communities globally. Upon completing her Doctoral work, she helped found several small scale collective civic action networks. After a run for city council where she garnered more than 43% of the District 3 vote, Noni saw a clear path to ameliorating resource disparities in her West Oakland community-- building more cooperative networks and galvanizing opportunities for collective economic action.

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