Keynote Speaker

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Noah Harris is a Senior at Harvard studying government from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Harris was elected as the first Black Male Student Body President in Harvard's 386-year history. After college, Noah will attend Harvard Law School, where he was recently accepted. In 2021, Harris was chosen as a Truman Scholar because of his commitment to public service. At Harvard, he is passionate about creating initiatives to help improve the experience of the student body. Following the racial injustices of 2020, Noah led an effort to raise over $45,000 for Black solidarity charities. He rented a warehouse to provide low-cost storage to over 500 students, and he partnered with Headspace to provide a year-long mindfulness subscription to over 1,200 students. Apart from Harvard, Harris is the author of the children’s book Successville that teaches kids they can do anything in life if they are willing to work hard in school, set goals, and develop talents.

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