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Melisa Ellis is a leader, engineer, co-author and advocate for change. A standout member of the tech industry in Canada, Melisa is the founder of Nobellum Enterprise, a STEM economic development program, cutting-edge app and social impact organization. Under her leadership, Nobellum has partnered with the University of Toronto in a unique 5 year partnership to accelerate and support the growth of a sustainable ecosystem that transforms the way business is conducted in the Black Community. Every day, Melisa inches closer and closer to her company’s mandate to launch at least 100 Black-owned businesses in STEM by 2025.   


While her academic career began in law and history at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, Melisa shifted into project management before eventually finding her rightful place in the Software Engineering Program at Sheridan College. She has had the opportunity to work for several companies in roles where she provided leadership and guidance throughout business transitions into the digital space and corporate-wide adoptions of progressive technologies. In one of her most noteworthy projects to date, Melisa led the technical implementation of a multi-million-dollar robotics facility that produces digital billboard signs. Outside of her ground-breaking work at Nobellum, Melisa is a regular lecturer at numerous educational institutions, and a frequent panelist on subject matters including entrepreneurship, youth career advancement and information technology.

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