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Lexi Robinson is the Program Associate for Ascend with the Aspen Institute’s Family Prosperity initiative which develops strategies and solutions to improve employment opportunities, economic security, and health and well-being for families with low incomes. By joining forces with parents and caregivers, employers, and policymakers, Family Prosperity removes barriers in order to create clearer, more equitable pathways for families and society to thrive. In her role, she supports the design, planning, and execution of Ascend’s Family Prosperity Innovation Community as it continues to amplify methods and principles for comprehensive family supportive policies. Prior to joining Ascend, Lexi served as the Events and Outreach Coordinator for the Sadie Collective. At the Sadie Collective, Lexi took lead in the planning and execution of strategic partnership opportunities with organizational partners. With the Sadie Collective’s chief goal being to eliminate the barriers for Black women in economics and related fields, Lexi’s execution and relationship leveraging has resulted in providing hundreds of Black women long overdue visibility within the profession. Lexi is originally from Novi, Michigan and holds a BS in Nonprofit and Public Administration from Central Michigan University.

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