Community as Currency: Bankrolling Cooperative Power and Liberation through the Black Dollar

This panel will explore the abiding history of Black communal wealth building in the face of exclusion from traditional wealth structures. We hope to activate attendees toward actionable models of cooperative financial stability, mobility, and thriving for Black people and our communities.


Raquel Oden - Panelist - Mena Prince.jpeg

Raquel Oden

Panel Managers:

mal - Maleek Akeju.jfif

Maleek Akeju

head shot - Kara Murray-Badal.jpg

Kara Murray-Badal


For Us, By Us: Black Youth Reconstructing Education in Boston

 We will discuss how youth-led organizations are actively rethinking education beyond traditional classroom spaces, and how youth leaders drive change within their communities. We are excited to highlight changemakers in the Boston area to amplify models of Black youth problem-solving with purpose and action. The panel will feature youth and adult representatives from Bikes Not Bombs, Teen Empowerment and We Got Us.


Kareem King - Mena Prince.jpeg

Kareem King

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 1.57.11 PM - Sara Kahlo.png

Sara Lawrence


Makeeba Headshot - Mel Achilles.jpg

Makeeba McCreary

Panel Managers:

EG-02-C49A6664-X2 - Ebonee Green.jpg

Ebonée Green

Markus headshot - Markus Sherman.JPG

Markus Sherman

Smith_Mekka.C11.Headshot - mekka smith.JPG

Mekka Smith


The Work Starts Within: Blackness, Otherness, & the Politics of (Un)desirability

Ghetto. Fat. Ugly. Slow. Queer. Who do we see as valuable? Who do we deem worthy of love, and who is beyond its scope? This panel experience endeavors to unsettle the mundane: with critical attention to the imbricated oppression of Black, trans, disabled, and other marginalized bodies, participants will engage in an intersectional interrogation of the politics of (un)desirability. Together, speakers and attendees will reframe Black liberation as a journey that is first deeply internal as it is collective.


Fatima Jamal

Panel Managers:


Damarcus Bell

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 2.14.03 PM - Mena Prince.png

Vincent Bish


Imagination to Fruition: Abolitionist Strategies, Organizing and Tools for Black Liberation in Real-Time

The unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others have prompted calls for defunding – and abolishing – the police and larger Prison Industrial Complex. This panel will center abolition –  not merely a distant future, but as a present practice that is already underway in communities across the country. Attendees will leave with a nuanced understanding of  strategic frameworks, tools, and tactics for transforming the abolitionist imagination into practice in real-time.


Nikki headshot Bartrams - Nikki Grant.jpg

Nikki Grant

F4BF8337-9048-4C13-99AC-BBE103F5F1B3 - Jason Sole.jpeg

Jason Sole

Panel Manager:

Raie Gessesse Headshot 2022 - Raie Gessesse.jpg

Raie Gessesse



Free Your Mind: Unlocking Joy, Peace, and Agency with Black Mental Health Practice

Looking at different perspectives of the black mind, this panel brings black mental health to the forefront. But what if the new solutions we seek are found not in the present, but our shared past? In the spirit of Sankofa, this panel discussion will highlight the culturally-relevant methods of Black mental health practitioners, and how they work to support the needs of Black folk in their care. Attendees will leave this conversation acclimated to the power of black-centered care for sustaining Black mental health and thriving.


Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 9.11.01 PM - Evan Auguste.png

Evan Auguste

Crawford NAMI headshot - Christine Crawford.jpg

Dr. Christine Crawford

Panel Managers:

headshot - Mohamed Gabir.jpg

Mohamed Gabir

Jerald Watson - Mena Prince.jpeg

Jerald Watson


The Black Hack: Engineering Equity in the Digital Age

The COVID-19 pandemic and reckoning on police brutality have spurred renewed promises to the Black community by Big Tech, Entertainment, and Media companies alike. We’ve seen innumerable commitments to increased diversity in these industries, financial contributions toward racial equity, and pledges to increasing accessibility in products and services. This panel will address representation and equity in the Tech space and the creation of safe spaces for Black people to thrive and shine in our increasingly digital world. Participants will leave with actionable strategies for how we can each hold tech companies accountable to these promises, both individually and as a collective.


melisa_2020 - Nobellum Enterprise.jpg

Melisa Ellis


Victor Scotti - Victor Scotti.jpg

Victor Scotti

Panel Managers:

Dumerjean, Didier_Headshot - Didier Dumerjean.JPG

Didier Dumerjean


Nagela Nukuna


Black Legislative Power: Rebranding the face of the political system in America and Germany through Black leadership and participation

​​During this 1-hour panel, we will be discussing the challenges and changes for Black elected officials both in America and Germany in the wake of Black voter disenfranchisement, challenges with law enforcement  and the fight for better health outcomes for the Black community. We will talk about the role of transatlantic relations and the power of transnational social movements to overcome the shared challenges for marginalized communities on both sides of the Atlantic.


MMM Headshot 2007 final - Hasoni Pratts.jpg

Marc Morial

Nse Ufot - Mena Prince.jpeg

Nsé Ufot

Panel Managers:

HP Headshot - Hasoni Pratts.JPG

Hasoni Pratts

Portrait Tiaji  - Tiaji Maynell Sio.jpg

Tiaji Sio


The Future is Black: Cultivating Potential into Power through Strategic Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development

Whether 1619 or today, Black labor, its value, and its devaluation continue to be the steadfast fuel of American economic prosperity. And as automation and globalization increasingly shift the terms of the economic playing field, it is more critical than ever that Black people are prepared to lay claim to the wealth that our labor has always underwritten. This panel will explore the most promising sectors of tomorrow, and how to adequately infuse our communities with the knowledge, capital, and high-demand skills to achieve lasting mobility and power.


Hassan Brown - Mena Prince.jpg

Dr. Hassan Brown

Angela Jackson - Mena Prince.jpeg

Dr. Angela Jackson

Jason Charley-Jones - Mena Prince.png

Jason Jones

Panel Managers:

HACKETT J008 - Jaylen Hackett.jpg

Jaylen Hackett

What’s the Black Agenda? An Interactive Panel and Policy Simulation

During this 1-hour program, attendees will be invited to participate in an interactive panel and policy simulation featuring three contributors from the bestselling book, The Black Agenda: Bold Solutions for a Broken System, edited by Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeeman. Expert panelists will speak to healthcare technology, economic justice, and environmentalism, providing attendees an opportunity to learn about current issues at the nexus of race and public policy. The program will conclude with attendees applying what they’ve learned in an interactive policy brainstorming activity.


Kyle Moore - Mena Prince.jpeg

Kyle Moore

Ari Lynton-Smith - Mena Prince.jpeg

Arii Lynton-Smith

01 headshot  - Ashlee Wisdom.jpg

Ashlee Wisdom


Anna Gifty - Mena Prince.jpeg

Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman


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