Chair of High School Outreach

Davida Bynum Headshot.jpg

Davida is a pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy and Business Adminstration (MPP/MBA) at Harvard Kennedy and Harvard Business School. She formerly resided in Chicago, IL working as a Senior Management Consultant in the banking and technology industries. Outside of work, she served her community through youth focused initiatives as a mentor to first-generation high school seniors applying to college and as a second-grade tutor at an underfunded elementary school. Additionally, her experience as real estate agent provided perspective on the socio-demographic complexities present in urban cities. These endeavors resulted in her appointment to the Education Advisory Board of the Together Chicago nonprofit organization. As a board member, Davida worked on initiatives that tackled the “digital divide” to ensure that financial inequity did not prevent students from receiving equal opportunities to learn. Davida graduated summa cum laude from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Political Science. Her passion lies at the intersectionality of business and society which she will continue to study through her joint degree at Harvard University.

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